Petersburg Rally Day Mid Feb 2017

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As the world focuses on the Petersburg rally day that happened this weekend, this small beach area in Florida is full of class A catamarans and sailing enthusiasts. On the second day of the rally, the fleets had to dodge squalls and some calm stretches which delayed the races. As a result only two races were completed on the second day of this regatta that was held in St Petersburg.

Known as Helly Hansen NOOD regatta, this race has seen all cruisers out on Tampa Bay this weekend. On North Sails Rally Day there was a squall that the boats had to wait out – maiing it anything but a Greece yacht charter for particpants. There was an afternoon race held later, which completed this race day. The race has several participants, both from the town as well as from other parts of the country.

This regatta has also been known as Helly Hansen National Offshore One Design regatta with local skippers being the highlight of the competition on Saturday. The One design aspect refers to all being class A catamarans that participated in this event. Among the local skippers was Michael Zonnenberg who is part of the Lightning Division.

The first and second place finishes of his team can be contributed to how they got an early start and sailed in a conservative manner through the races. Ched Proctor has been a legendary figure in the race with a five point lead. Hence, the race on the final day is expected to be a close one.

There are a total of thirteen fleets that are competing in this regatta this weekend. Saturday showcased an event where local sailors could take part even if they were unable to take part in previous events. The North Sails Rally was the highlighted event for Saturdays. The regatta is poised to finish off this Sunday and the results are much awaited.