Orion Looks Good At The Annapolis-To-Newport Race

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The Orion is a J22 sailing boat that was made ready for the Annapolis-to-Newport Race by the Annapolis Yacht club member Paul Milo.

He was helped by the villagers to get the boat to sail. The Orion had to suffer a setback in mid-January. It had to be dismasted during the Quantum Key West Race Week. This made a lot of people think that it will not make the June 2 Annapolis-to-Newport race.

Milo got the boat to Annapolis and started to carry out repair jobs on the J22. The replacement mast did not arrive early and just came a couple of weeks ago. This did not give him ample time to get the boat ready for the Annapolis-to-Newport Race that started on June 2. But, the day was saved for the Orion as Jay Herman of the Annapolis Rigging stepped in the rig and carried out the necessary tuning to get the boat ready.

It was only because of the effort put in by the professional Herman that the Orion was ready to take the field on June 2nd for the Annapolis-to-Newport Race. The electronic equipment on the J22 Orion was completed in quick time by Mike Jones, co-owner of Mid-Atlantic Marine Electronics. Milo is happy that the boat was ready and has set sail for the precious event. He said that a lot of people have put in their effort to get the boat ready for the race and was thankful to everyone involved in getting the J22 back to shape.

The boat is doing very well in 36th biennial Annapolis-to-Newport Race. It has won line honors among the 32 boats in the four classes. It also grabbed the first place in the IRC2 after a time correction. The boat has paid rich dividends to the efforts put in by all the people to get it ready in quick time.