Jimmy Ghost Gets Assistance From Wind

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The wind did not want to take part in the Sealink Magnetic Island Race Week and the management of the race had to postpone the start. The race finally started and the conditions were a bane to many and a boon to a few others.

Sealink Magnetic Island Race
Sealink Magnetic Island Race

Simon Monfries on his Jimmy’s Ghost was able to win the Cruising Division 3 with very light winds support. It was indeed a big surprise to see him win as he had sailed two-up. It was the light winds that helped him and his team set spinnakers. Monfries represents the Townsville Yacht Club and was very excited to have started in the correct division. He acknowledged that his start was very good and the spinnaker run was an excellent tone. He thoroughly enjoyed the race and the light air helped him set a kite. He said that the light winds saved the day for him and if the winds were strong, he would have called it quits.

Monfries said that he had more crew originally, but many pulled out at the last minute. It was a bit annoying for him, but this race has given him the confidence for the upcoming races. He is enjoying his stint in the racing and his first appearance at the Magnetic Island Race Week has given him a lot of friends.

Not all the boats were well behaved, like Jimmy’s Ghost. There were three recalls made in three classes. The recall also included a Corsair Spring MK1 of the event organizer and Mistress of Dennis Coleman. It was a beautiful day, even though the wind was on the Townville side of the race course, a little away from Magnetic Island.

Elena Nova skippered Andrew Pearson won the IRC Racing and this was her second series win. The top three of the IRC Raing are: Elena Nova followed by David Currie in Ponyo and Peter Sorensen on the Botany Access Cocomo.