Learn About College Sailing

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There is good news for college students who love sailing sport and want to make their career in it.

Severn School located in Severna Park is organizing a seminar in which information will be shared about college sailing. This will be an information based seminar and it is for high school sailors who are seeking to participate and compete in college. The seminar will held on 2 December and renowned personalities from the field of sailing will address this seminar.

Interested students who want to attend this seminar and take tips from the experts of sailing can get in touch with the management team via email and contact number. Address for email communication is tom@sail1design.com and contact number is 443-220-2089. There is no entry fee for the seminar and it is going to be an interactive session. There will be two rounds session, the first session will be discussed and it will be followed by a question and answer round.

In this seminar complete information about sailing sports will be shared with students. Key topics that will be covered in the event will be organizational structure of sailing sport, what actually the sailing sport is and what is not. Types of team that play this sport and profile of some teams will also be discussed at the event. Information will be shared about the difference between club and varsity, how many types of regattas are there.

Detail information will be given about COED, team racing, women’s racing, match racing, single handed and kneel boats. What types of boats are used in sailing tournaments, social life of sailors, their commitments, what are the eligibility criteria to become a sailor, how recruitment is done and how coaches view players? After sharing information, the experts of sailing will answer questions asked by students.